This project is about developing digitalization in manufacturing industry, by allocating existing research data and
knowledge to developmental power, to be used on companies. By research, and targeted investigation, solutions to
problem areas and challenges related in companies daily functions and critical development needs regarding
digitalization are meant to be found. Target is to find and pilot the most functioning, and the most suitable, easily, stepby-step applicable solutions for operation, based on the identified needs, according to the wishes and needs of the companies. In addition, another target is to lower the threshold of taking advantage from the solutions that
digitalization and agile automation offers, and to create a base for development work also after this project.

This project is divided in three work packages, which are condensed below:

WP1: Survey of the current state of digitalization in target companies and prioritizing developmental actions:
This work package consists of surveying the processes and daily functions of the target companies, aiming to identify
and prioritize problem areas and challenges related to functions. Also, the target is to pilot solutions in identifying
problem areas.

WP2: Solutions in planning and development of resources, productions and products:
This work package is about finding and piloting the most functioning and the most applicable, step-by-step solutions
that bring concrete solutions to the problem areas and challenges identified.

WP3: Analyzing and reporting the results:
Purpose of this work package is to analyze the received results, and to create research data and publications
regarding it, where applicable. This package is also for informing the events of this project.